Hydraulic Systems

We carry out the Inspection, Troubleshooting, Repairs & Maintenance for the following equipment:

Cargo Valve Remote Control Systems

Hydraulic Power Pack Units, Valve Actuators, Solenoid Controls, and Position Indicators


Deck Machinery

Hydraulic Power Pack Units, Mooring Winch & Windlass Control Systems; Shaft Alignment, Bearing and Gear Train Arrangements


Steering Gear Systems

Hydraulic Power Pack Units, Solenoid Valve Controls, Hydraulic Rams and Actuators Controls


Cranes & On-Deck Lifting Gear

Hydraulic Power Pack Units, Cargo and Provision Crane Hydraulic Motors and Gear Train Arrangements

Cargo Hold Securing Arrangements

Cargo Hatch Cover Operating & Control Systems, Water Tight Doors and Ancillary Equipment,


Accommodation Ladders & Davits

Motors and Hoisting Winch Control Systems, Gear Train and Clutch Arrangements


Gear Train Systems

Overhauling and alignment of various types of Gearboxes, Hydraulic Couplings as well as fabrication of new Gears and Transmission Shafts


Safety & Relief Valves

Overhauling & Pressure Testing of various types of Safety & Relief Valves & issuance of Test Certificates

Hydraulic Power Pack

Remote Valve Control System

Windlass Equipment

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